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What can we do to them

If you can see ,will you please help me to turn together ,go to the whole Chinese people know in our own happiness while there are such a group of children are social amnesia ;if you do not want to wear old clothes of what, as long as clean the complete spot ,may wish to wash clean up post according to the address below to send them in the past, really doesn the surface can be, because they need our care ,maybe we can do so only a little ,and even not worth mentioning ,but you have an old pair of gloves ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the winter is not cold ;you have a pile of old books ,they might out of the village to change the fate of ;do not mean that we left a little love, because they really need .
We get lazy sun we weekend madness SHOPPING we waste rice we eat KFC McDonald us to play roller coaster pirate ship our fans holding group we chase fashion we dress up non mainstream US posing cool we flirt with hot chicks hanging Kyle we are singing all night they eat a meal is a luxury they send the letter will need to walk a few kilometers road they don their parents throughout the year because They both go out all the year round work they rarely drink sweet water they don the city many-storied buildings they don city pants Lip Ring Navel Ring called what they don the outside world scene of debauchery lead a voluptuous life they want to read but can not afford to buy a pencil they shyly accepted throughout the interview all look forward to the so-called everything will be because they better we sympathize with our tears we symbolic donation the so-called government in front of the camera to publicize their deep concern on the bag with books in hand after their usual walk side by side quiet hours road to school as usual to eat inedible food according to commonly used tree branches on the ground of office as usual in the cold winter have chilblains were dragging the little body of firewood as usual at the distant miss their parents this is no ordinary care and be cared problems are not you and I is the problem of the social problem is problem of the people now always reported an entrepreneur of a certain enterprise and national income how many what what grow a few percentage points what cadre And go home to visit the elderly what star and donated much to the charity I wonder so many money had gone Why there are so many children out of school.
There were so many hungry people in the gap between rich and poor is not wrong by rich area drives the poor area development is not wrong but the key rich more rich and poor are poor in addition .
Reporting a netizen said: &quot ;we donate some rather less government from point &quot ;oh .If things go on like this .How will the city in China .?you ,every year in how to deal with the old clothes and trouble, keep accounts, threw regrettablly ,send friends and relatives do not send out .
In them, in every year for his trouble ,but thousands of annual income ,the children can not afford to go to school ,old people look down on disease, clothes old and broken. We may not have a high income ,we may have no extra deposits ,maybe we can a hope primary school ,but we can we do not need the old to those who need them, it needs our love .
Please need to deal with the old clothes of people come here looking for old clothes the place ,with our love for these old clothes add new Luster. Hope everybody action ,do our Mianbozhili ,help to some we can help to people .
It is also our pleasure! About money and clothes for &amp ;mail flow: 1 )the house no longer wear old clothes and shoes out of the book ( underwear ,hole of great advice suicide is mopping the floor ) .
2)please clean, ( can use disinfectant to soak the best ) ,dried. Mmmm this point ,is on the other side of the respect and responsibility, also hope good friends can take the trouble to do .
3)bag mm in post office parcel special carton ,but more expensive ,the smallest spend 8,9 yuan of money.Therefore we built on everyone asking for carton or opaque bag ( bag of rice ,Now thousands of bivalve ostrich genuine crystal high-heeled shoes shoes shoes shoes leather sandals,flour bag ,himself with the slit of a bag can be, compared to save ) ,it is better to put the clothes in plastic bags to packaging again into cartons or bags ,because it can avoid clothing in the post being wetted by rainwater.
Note: at this point do not into cartons or bags sealing ,because the post office to see things inside. 4)carried it to the post office .5)purchased parcel ,5 wool,parcel to green ,,the cheap and practical ( the post office staff will often ask you want to send it by express also ordinary parcel ,send fast A practical cost is high also ) ,to fill in the address .
6)the bag ( the post office will provide seam sewing bag sealing ) ,write down the address .7)can select the insured insurable ,1 yuan100 yuanafter. 8)send !Look at the destination ,every kilograms of 2 is chargedblock - 4 dollars.
Highway freight program :finishing 1 out ofclean clothes, shoes ,books ,kits and so on you no longer need of supplies, wash dried (preferably with disinfection after water immersion and cleaning ) .
2find aplastic bag will clothes good ( use plastic bags to fix to waterproof ,clothes more please use several ) .3find apaper box ( personally think boxes than the bag fruit ) ,clothing packing tape ,good .
Call 4 orgo to freight company ( express ) asked a good price ,general specification for box freight probably are in 2,30 yuan or so,because the city is different or has difference ,can send the past ,can also let the freight company to pick up the .
5 fill in thecheck list, pay ( paid your love ) .Note: 1 please try topost something simple clothes ,suitable for rural life .Don smart ,don dress ,not tape 2clothesmainly, as little as possible to send such as summer clothes .
Fruit is a quilt ,bed sheets and other needs .3can be in particular:coat ,down jacket ,jacket ,sweater ,jacket cotton underwear ,Run a sweat about home,thermal underwear ,shirt ,long-sleeved t-shirt trousers ,trousers, pants ,jeans ,trousers, shoes ,travel shoes ,casual shoes ,socks, scarves ,hats ,gloves, clothes do not have holes in the 4 ,do not have obvious stains ,buttons ,zippers ,shoelaces must be intact, impoverished and a mountainous area to buy the clothing accessories is also difficult .
5 if theold clothes, please clean dry disinfection ( sterilization Walch ,84disinfectant soakfifteen minutes wash as usual ) .6,if you have books to donate ,please choose the content of positive health books.
The famous Chinese and foreign ,science and technology books ,cards ,read story books for children ,children books ,fairy tale ,( including the Xinhua dictionary dictionary ,dictionary of idioms ,proverbs dictionary ,Chinese dictionary ,Chinese dictionary in ) reference books such as can be.
Do not render superstition ,violence ,pornography the book sent to ,fashion magazines do not .In addition ,the textbook and reference book in the western regions and the mainland, the mainland sent also useless.
7,stationery ,chess ,sports goods ,Toys can be sent ( please attach instruction ;the goods if not new ,please send again after cleaning and disinfection ) .8,is a country in remote mountainous areas ,a lot of places is a courier company to deal, suggested a general parcel post !Tibet Lhasa Lin Kuo Lhasa road middle school across the snowy happiness Teahouse ( de Kyrgyzstan orphanage need :6-11childrenshoes ,clothes zip code: 850000 address:Tibet Lhasa city Lhasa Road opposite the Lin Kuo middle school happy tea house (de orphanage ) contact: Da-Jin Dean close contact Tel: Sichuan ABA Aba Tibetan middle school ,and near poor masses requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,all the old clothes zip code: 624000 address:Sichuan ABA Aba Tibetan secondary contact: does Dan teacher EMAIL: chokdan@hotmailcom capital of Gansu County Yang Jixiang Xing Pingcun stone bifurcated agency mm Huining county is the famous scholar ,but also very poor area ,I hope everyone can help those with no other source of the villagers !Requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,clothes ,bed sheets ,quilt cover and the like, poor villagers can use all the clothes and items zip code: 743200 address:the capital of Gansu County Yang Ji Xing Pingcun Rural stone bifurcated service recipients: Yang Yonghua capital of Gansu County Rural Willow Village bifurcated Laojun slope under team service requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,clothes ,sheets ,Adidas Porsche Design,quilt cover ,postal code :730713mailing address:the capital of Gansu County Rural Willow Village bifurcated Laojun slope under team service recipients :Zhang Jinqin ( received) postcode :730713mailing address:the capital of Gansu County ,slope Rural Center School recipients :Liu Chengxiang teacher or teacher Wang Junqiang ( received) to Zhang Jinqin capital of Gansu County Yang Jixiang Xing Pingcun stone bifurcated bifurcated needs :primary school club willow learning tools ,pen ,book, books ,school books ( such as Xinhua Dictionary ) ,or the village teacher can use the Chinese-English dictionary ,English learning tape ,old computer and more meaningful things.
Zip code :730713 postaladdress :the capital of Gansu County Rural Willow Laojun slope bifurcated primary school ( received) or :the capital of Gansu County ,slope Rural Center School Teacher Liu Chengxiang ( received) to willow branch primary school or :the capital of Gansu County ,slope Rural Center School Teacher Wang Junqiang ( received) .
Willow Branch Primary School of Congjiang County of Guizhou province C sister town primary school pupils need Basha :clothes ,shoes ,books ,stationery ,bags and other clothing ( and parents have donor children clothes But with some adult clothes ) zip code: 557400 address:Congjiang County of Guizhou Province town of Mei Basha primary school contact person: Li Xia ( teachers ) E-mail: &lt ;mailto: fly-89@163.
com &gt ; please help Sichuan Gu Na village of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen please help Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Songpan County surname rural small aunt to accept the village of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen living in Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Songpan County small rural village name regardless of the Tibetan farmers and herdsmen ,many people life is not out of the mountain ,though ,they enjoy the city to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine ,but ,they have also experienced too much suffering :Mountain in the land infertile ,the climate is cold food yield is very low ,because of traffic inconvenience ( to the county nearly 100 km),also few people go to work into the world .
The village nearly 100 households in the village,there are 60%poverty door ,10%difficulties in life ,lived in safety ,feed without the full day ,the special needs of their we help and assistance of the Chinese nation !In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of helping the poor ,to help them early difficulties, National Research Institute of Aba Teachers College established a small donation station ,is offering Set the window contributed articles ,articles for need of donor and donor complexes product structures between a delivery platform.
The donor stations are already established ,but the biggest difficulty is the lack of availability of goods .Therefore ,inn love special to the community for help support ,help support and aid .
All the men and women with high ideals and enterprises, the cause of a single leader together ,let us join hands to it, as we do a heart can return others a happy smile ,we offer a love for others can be a sweet dream ,we are a force to give others a happy family ,worth !Need :any suitable for rural life with all the materials zip code: 623300 address:Wenchuan County, Sichuan Aba Teachers College Institute of ethnic studies contact: Tribute wave Tashi telephone :Sichuan Province Ganzi Prefecture Shiqu County Central Hospital requirement: do not be restricted ,any suitable for rural life with all the materials zip code: 627350 address:Shiqu County, Sichuan Province of Ganzi Central Hospital Feng Dan GA song kava love in College Station need :Readings, stationery ,sporting goods ,relatively thick coat ,sweater can warm clothing.
Address :Sichuan ABA County Propaganda Department Name :Tribute wave Huaqing ( received) postcode :624400 Yunnanprovince Fengqing County Chaheji three middle school library - - Yunnan deep in the mountains of poor children need old clothes ,books ( this address can be connected by freight ) requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,clothing ,books ,stationery and so on ,need a large number of books address: Yunnan province Fengqing County three Chahe middle school library zip code: 675905 contact:Li Yan phone :QQ: 107082696 (compassion Library ) E-mail: 107082696@163.
com GuangxiLongan County Ping Township People - Guangxi Longan County Ping Shan Rural House of love &quot ;&quot ;received a large quantity of clothing books and other material requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,clothing ,books and so on, especially the child clothes need ,and shoes and the like ,if it is possible, but also need the biscuits ,noodles and the like receives address :Guangxi Longan County Ping Township People Huang Xiuming zip code: 532715 contact:Longan volunteers: Huang Xiuming net :Lu Xi phone :QQ: 24929061 e-mail: huangxiuming521@tom.
comCounty in Gansu Province, students need to :6to 16years old schoolchildren inclothing ,books ,stationery and other zip code: 734500 address:Gansu province folk Civil Affairs Bureau, contact person: Li Haoxue Contact telephone :zip code: 734500 address: GansuCounty League &quot ;the western plan project management office :Ma Xiaoqiang &quot ;contact telephone :Nu River in Yunnan Province ,in charge of the town of junior and senior high school students in need :clothing ,books ,stationery and other zip code: 673100 address: Yunnan Provincecity county of Nu River in office contact person: Wang Jinyun Sichuan ABA Ruoergai County descending root Township Central Primary school pupils to :clothing ,books ,stationery and other zip code: 624502 address:Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province ABA descending root Township Central Primary School contact person: Luo Jie director of Gansu city Dingxi Province, where the child need clothes and books !Requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children clothing ,student books, stationery ,bags and other zip code: 743000 address:Gansu province Dingxi City League phone :do not write the addressee, sent directly to the league can accept this address highway freight ,express delivery companies ,railway freight transportation by road freight ,express delivery company to write the League telephone ,A paragraph of text... Long time no see. A word so much ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~,cargo ,courier company can notify the League pick ;railroad freight to get to Dingxi station train trips ,or will send the goods to Lanzhou Yunnan County in Nu River Nature Reserve Bureau Yunnan Nu River has called Bingzhongluo place ,local people mainly Nu ,where residents living area is 1700 meters above sea level,although the natural environment, but it is due to the frontier of the motherland ,minority area ,local farmer is still poor .
So much the village in the winter or unlined garment to keep out the cold .Requirement: do not be restricted to adults and children ,the poor villagers can use all the clothes and items zip code: 673500 address:Yunnan County in Nu River Nature Reserve Bureau contact: and is the military telephone ;E--mail : piaxy9@yahoo. Sichuan Province Panzhihua city Miyi county school needs :Shi Zhongxin 6-14years old childrenclothing ,shoes ,books ,school supplies address :Sichuan Province Panzhihua city Miyi County Shi Zhongxin school postcode: 617213 school phone:contact person: Zhou Zaiyu ( president ) Zhou Yong ( vice president ) of Beijing sun village children in need of assistance ,as long as the child shoes can be there must be more than 100 children ,a small 1 years,big 18,need clothes ,books ,Saturday day can go to do volunteer work .
Beijing friends nearby can confirm this address received donor donor !Need :1-18 years oldchildren ,shoes ,books address: Beijing City, Shunyi District Zhao Quanying town recipient :Sun Village or village children .
Zip code: 101300 director:Zhang Shuqin :executive vice director hung telephone :(including facsimile ) 60443757 URL Qinghai province called the county old cadre bureau .
You home old clothes ?Please help Tibetan orphans need :7-16childrenautumn and winter clothing address: Qinghai Province, said the county old cadre bureau postcode :815100 contact:Phone :Zhuo De Zhejiang Jiande Shou Chang West Lake mountain 4Yuying culturalschools need :17 years oldstudents warm clothes ,shoes ,books ,school supplies .
The pan teacher class there are 60 male160 female,so girls clothing demands more. Address :Zhejiang Jiande Shou Chang West Lake mountain Yuying cultural school No. 4 Zip Code: 311612contact: Pan Weimincall: please help in Lhasa primary school students need materials : do not be restricted to adults and children ,students and herdsman clothing ,mainly in the winter cold contact address :Tibet Lhasa City, county Long Renxiang zip code: 851500 contact:Ba Sang received his mobile phone or not A signal ,not only a week he returned to the county the only signal ,sent to a short letter .
) rural telephone satellite phone ,depending on the weather conditions sometimes signal is not good ) Guangxi Donglan student point needs a large number of books stationery and school
clothes need :Stationery ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,books ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,clothes for pupils address :the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Hechi City East County Office of the Communist Youth League zip code: 547400 contact:Wei Xingchang

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